The DanceSwing Helpful Tip #1

The DanceSwing System & Method Helpful Tip #1

#1: Don't think of it as dancing. 

That's right! When we think we are dancing, even though, you absolutely are, it makes us want to add extra movements and style/performance element into the mix. 

In order to do The DanceSwing well you need to move cleanly.  We are going for a function, not to be fancy.  The more simply you move, the better.  Why? As we progress things get more complicated and faster so any affectation will mess you up and slow you down.  Plus, you'll look better.

If you want to visualize it, think of yourself as a football player running drills. That will get you into a better headspace for it.  Be active, deliberate, and feel engaged. 

If you don't have the gear already it's easy to get started. Simply sign up on our website here: The DanceSwing Membership.  It is only $30 a month, gear included! We immediately ship you all the gear [$250 Value], plus instant access to all the features and content in The DanceSwing App!

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