4 Tips to Become a Better Dance Partner

To be a good dance partner there are a few things to continually practice.  Improvement is progressive and happens organically through repetition so be patient, dance often and enjoy the journey with your DanceSwing. 


    The DanceSwing handles are designed so you can master how to dance without gripping.  You hold the handles with your fingertips like you would a partner.   You don't want to white knuckle your way through the song.  The tension in your hands effects how smooth the rest of your body moves.  The bungee gives the perfect resistance providing constant connection so you can master your grip.


    The dreaded "step on toes" problem.  In order to be a good dance partner you need to step in time with the music.  This comes naturally to a small amount of people, so if you find it difficult and overwhelming it's okay and normal.  Not to worry! The DanceSteps, our proprietary click training method, will have you dancing in time instantaneously.  It also speeds up how quickly you learn the moves so you can become a confident dancer.


    Using The DanceSwing is a cardio workout so you need to manage your breathing to get through the songs.  Simply check yourself every once and awhile with a big exhale. This will help your whole body loosen up and give you even more energy.  Most of us don't realize we start holding our breath so it's a good habit to check in with yourself, especially once the song starts. 


    It's no fun dancing with someone who is frustrated or judgemental of themselves or their partner.  We all want to be better and we should work on improving.  This is why our on demand videos always start with practicing to the clicks only first so you can be confident when the song starts.  When the music kicks let it take you for a ride.  You deserve the experience and the fun it brings.  

We'd love to part of your journey.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email or call.   We're always here for you.  info@thedanceswing.com / (212) 396-2489

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